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        1.     Technical Parameter
        Measuring condition
        Part shall be measured under a condition (Temperature: 5~35℃, Humidity: 45%~85%R.H., Atmospheric pressure: 860 ~1060hPa) unless the standard condition (Temperature: 25±3℃, Humidity: 60±10%R.H. Atmospheric pressure: 860 ~1060hPa) is regulated to measure.

        1Resonant Frequency3000 500Hz
        2Operating Voltage1 ~25 Vp-p
        3Rated CurrentMax.5mA ,At 3KHz 50% duty Square Wave 3Vp-p
        4Sound Output at 30cmMin. 89dB,At 3KHz 50% duty Square Wave 3Vp-p
        5Capacitance30000 ± 30% pF At 1KHz
        6Operating Temperature-20 - +70℃
        7Storage Temperature-30 - +80℃
        9WeightApprox  15g


        2.     Dimensions
        Unit: mm           Tolerance: ±0.5mmExcept Specified

        *Housing Material: Black  PPO

        3.Electrical And Acoustical Measuring Condition
        Recommended Setting

        4.Frequency Response

        3Vp-p 50% duty Square wave,30cm

        After any following tests the part shall meet specifications without any degradation in
        appearance and performance except SPL. SPL shall not deviate more than -5 dB
        from the initial value
        5.1 Ordinary Temperature Life Test
        The part shall be subjected to 96 hours at 25±10℃. Input rated voltage
        Resonant frequency, 1/2 duty Square wave.
        5.2 High Temperature Test
        The part shall be capable of with standing a storage temperature of +80℃for 96 hours.
        5.3 Low Temperature Test
        The part shall be capable of with standing a storage temperature of --30℃for 96 hours.
        5.4 Humidity Test
        Temperature:+40℃±3℃   Relative Humidity:90%~95% Duration: 48 hours
        and expose to room temperature for 6 hours
        5.5 Temperature Shock Test
        Temperature:70℃ /1hour→25℃/3hours→-20℃/1hour→25℃/3hours (1cycle)
        Total cycle: 10 cycles
        5.6 Drop Test
        Standard Packaging From 1.2m(Drop on hard wood or board of 5cm thick,
        three sides, six plain.)
        5.7 Vibration Test
        Vibration:1000cycles /min. Amplitude:1.5mm, Duration: 1 hour in each 3 axes

        As this product is not protected from foreign material entering, please make sure that any foreign materials (e.g. magnetic powder, washing solvent, flux, corrosive gas) do not enter this product in your production processes. The functional degradation (e.g. SPL down) may occur if foreign material enter it.